Useful study materials for DIU students, what I did during my graduation

Take salaam and the heartiest greetings to my Daffodilian siblings. I’m really happy to write this article, after thinking- at least one student who is doing graduation at the department of CSE in DIU, will be helped by me. I will just provide you GitHub links of some course contents what I did during my graduation at DIU and pushed at GitHub as open-source.

Click on the course name to be hyperlinked in the GitHub repository.

Compiler Design Lab

Here in Compiler Design Lab there discusses some common operations of the compiler. The implementation of those operations is easy and funny with Python. Let’s have a look at the contents-

  • Write a program to tokenize a sentence with raw codes. 
  • Write a program to tokenize a sentence using strtok() function. 
  • Write a program to identify whether a given line is a comment or not. 
  • Write a program to remove the blank spaces (space, newline, tabs) from code. 
  • Write a program to delete comments from codes saved in a text file. 
  • Write a code to develop a symbol table for finding keywords.

Web Engineering for Final

Web Engineering course is the easiest course as I have seen. Here I tried to cover all the topics of Web Engineering final examination, like-

  • Form validation
  • Database connection
  • Cookie, Session
  • Some ADHOC problem solve
  • String finding in PHP

Web Engineering Question Solve

As you can get the idea from previous semester questions, students desperately seek the solution of previous questions. And really this is enough for passing the examination! Here I solved-

  • Fall 2017
  • Spring 2017
  • Summer 2017

Embedded System The Complete Syllabus

This repository is really the complete syllabus for Embedded system Mid-term and Final exam. I tried my best to demonstrate all class works with code and necessary circuit diagrams. The topics I covered-

  • Buzzer
  • LCD
  • LDR
  • LED
  • Motor Driver
  • PIR Sensor
  • Relay
  • Servo Motor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Ultrasonic Sensor

Embedded System Question Solve

The Embedded System course also has some fixed question types and usually it measures your critical thinking ability in the exam. So, if one understands all demonstrations and solve some previous questions, he keeps the ability to get full marks in Embedded System course. I solved the questions of-

  • Fall 2016
  • Fall 2017
  • Spring 2018
  • Summer 2016

Computer Graphics Lab

One trick for Computer Graphics Lab! Generally, this course is designed with some uninteresting topics. But simply you can make it interesting and can achieve A+ at the lab. Just try with an amazing Python library of Python and tell your course teacher that, you are comfortable with Python. I wrote code here for drawing-

  • Some Basic Operations for learning
  • Bangladeshi flag
  • House
  • Sun
  • House with Sun

Operation System Lab

I spent a much afford here to write all the OS Lab contents week by week. And finally, I was able to cover all the topics of usual Linux terminal commands and Shell Scripting. Here we wrote two blog series- (every series has different parts)

  • Terminal Ninja
  • Shell Scripting


Moreover, if someone needs any help or information on Research or Final Year Thesis, don’t forget to knock me anywhere.  

Now I would like to share some interesting projects what I did for Presentation or Course Project Purpose-

  1. Lost and Found

  2. Negative, positive or neutral sentence identifying for English language

  3. Bangla Sentiment analysis with Google Translate API

  4. Plant moisture observing with Arduino and NodeMCU

  5. Real-time edge detection with OpenCV

  6. Bangla Sign Language

  7. Basic image processing with OpenCV

  8. The Resourcemarks


The copyright of all of these contents is reserved to me. If I made any mistake or tried to prove any wrong concept, please don’t forget to claim to me. I’ll be waiting for your amendments, appreciation, and query. That’s all. Thank you!

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